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Rainy Day Activities

Now that the rainy season has returned to the Pacific Northwest, you may be wondering how you can spend your time hunkered down indoors! We’ve gathered a few ideas for how you can spend your days inside when it is raining and cold.


Bake something yummy                              


There are so many different options when it comes to baking in your Acero Jensen Park home. Not only will you be able to fill your belly with delicious treats, but you will also be able to fill your home with the amazing smell of whatever baked goods you are whipping up. Two of our favorite places to find baking recipes and recipes, in general, are The Modern Proper and Half Baked Harvest.




Board games. Card games. Make up a game. Spice it up and make it a tournament-style game day.




They are inexpensive, educational, and will keep you and your family occupied for hours!


Movie marathon


We are all for vegging out and watching movies all day. Make a bowl of popcorn or snacks and pick out some movies that you’ve been meaning to watch. On top of that, get in some quality time with your significant other, family or furry friends.


Arts and crafts and DIYs


Rainy days are the perfect time to explore your creative side. Whether you just decide to paint or draw, or build and make something for your home, doing arts, crafts and DIYs is the perfect way to spend a day stuck inside and the possibilities are endless! Try searching on Pinterest for some fun ideas if you aren’t sure what to create.  




If you’ve been meaning to get some cleaning done, rainy days are the perfect time to check that off of your to-do list. Whether it’s sweeping, dusting, or folding laundry, make it fun! Play some tunes and dance around the house while you make it spotless.


Visit the local breweries and wineries

Do a tasting at one of the various breweries or wineries that surround our area. There are so many that you could make an entire day of it.


Visit a local library


Head to one of our local libraries to find some new reads while you’re cozied up in your Acero Jensen Park home.


We know that the cloudy and rainy days can be difficult sometimes, but there is still so much to do even when you can’t be outside! Let us know what other things you like to do on rainy days by commenting below.