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Best Bookstores in Vancouver WA

Between the pages of a book is a lovely place to be! A great way to unwind in your Acero Jensen Park home is by reading your favorite books in your bedroom, living room, or balcony. Lucky for us, the Vancouver area has plenty of bookstores for you to choose from.


Interstellar Overdrive


Our closest bookstore, just 7 minutes from our community is Interstellar Overdrive. The bookstore is full of books and good prices. Whenever you visit the owners are always willing to help you find the perfect read.


Rainbow West Christian Bookstore


Rainbow West is an 11-minute drive from our community, located in the Vancouver Mall. There are tons of options to choose from and plenty of best-sellers are sold here. Rainbow West is also a great option if you are looking for any Christian reading material.


Barnes & Noble


One of the most popular bookstores with possibly the largest selection of books, and more, in our area, is only 11 minutes from our community. Barnes & Noble is a place where you are sure to find your favorite reads and then some. They are also the internet’s largest bookstore if you are not able to find what you are looking for in-store!


I Like Comics 


Are you a comic fan? Founded in November 2010, I Like Comics is the place to go for new and vintage comic books, graphic novels, signed artwork, and other collectibles; just 10 minutes away from our community. The owners at I Like Comics will always help you find what you need and chat with you about your mutual love for comics.


Birdhouse Books


Birdhouse Books is a vintage and used bookstore in Downtown Vancouver, just 12 minutes from our community. They specialize in antiques, classics, philosophy, sci-fi fantasy, and poetry, but they have a diverse selection of other genres as well.


Vintage Books


Take a 14-minute drive to Vintage Books, an old-school, family-run bookstore specializing in used, collectible and rare volumes, plus new books and car manuals. They offer curbside pickup and shipping as well! When you visit you will find a knowledgeable and dedicated staff who are all passionate readers.


Make a day of it and visit a few of these bookstores, or all of them, to stock up new reads. As the weather begins to change and we see more rainy days, a good book in your Acero Jensen Park apartment home will be the perfect rainy day activity.